Hi Isabel,

Good write up, but it is very generic and people won’t be able to apply it in 99% of the time. Why?


  • businesses don’t have framework and processes to drive innovative ideas to final products.
  • you won’t be able to get the budget and time to really dedicate to your idea. There are some exceptions.

I strongly believe that in order to innovate inside a big company you need:

  • find ideas and make a quick PoC to test them during your “innovation days” or whenever you can
  • Spend a lot of your time, including free time, to ship the very first version that can show the traction
  • Pitch your idea to make it a spin-off, new product line.

There are not many companies that can constantly innovate and have resources and processes to support constant attempts.

In the majority of the cases, I don’t believe you can follow a standard process you described.

You forgot to address the main issues of innovation -> time and permission to fail.

Building the future, team visibility advocate

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