Based on Michael Ferguson, CEO of Rainmakers, asserted that managers must “Stop Neglecting Remote Workers”


Key Quote

“There’s no magic tool for making sure your relationships with remote employees are as strong as they can be. Making a good effort requires being equally conscious of them and understanding the challenges they face. It means trying to replicate the experience of having them physically present with you. The more actions you take to show that you consider them full members of your team, the more likely they are to feel and act that way.”

Our Key Takeaways

When discussing the need…

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Based on Jared Lindzon, a Toronto-based journalist, recently outlined “How to Make Your Remote Workforce Feel Appreciated”.

Key Quote

“Feeling valued and appreciated is not only desired by people, but it’s critical to the function of the organization. Businesses with team members who feel valued and appreciated are more profitable, there’s less conflict, and they get higher customer ratings.”

Our Key Takeaways

Advances in technology have catalyzed the growth of the dispersed workforce and, though many employers might assume that their remote workers are automatically content, they must make a conscious effort to engage and include these often-overlooked team members.

What if you want to self-correct the temperature in your office? Or what if you are curious to understand your office environment using IoT sensors?

If this sounds interesting to you, please read on.

To begin with, we need to set up a temperature reading sensor. We connect it to an Arduino which connects to a RaspberryPi.

The next step is to set up AWS IoT SDK on your Raspberry Pi.

Setup the Thing

  1. Create a thing in AWS IoT:

The main and very old lesson: don’t start a business with people you don’t trust and know well.

November 2014. I sold my 50% partnership in an online cosmetics company for 1000 EUR after I rejected 1M EUR investment in it.

Why would you ask I rejected 1M EUR investment? Please read on to find out.

2013. My friend Yan introduced me to 2 Israeli guys who were making excellent cosmetics. They were selling via partnerships in a few countries. They were eager to go online but didn’t have knowledge and expertise to make it happen.

2014, February. We decided to join our forces to make a global company to sell cosmetics online. We split 50/50 and agreed…

Be ready to climb your next mountain

TL;DR; Find the job, get obsessed, get an offer, begin the journey.

Before you consider a job in any company, big or small, you need to make clear for yourself what you really want in your personal and professional life. Understand what you are valuing and what expectations you’ve got from your future employee. I need to be true to yourself on why you are changing the job and why not to try and improve the existing one. Please have all “Whys” answered.

It may be even one of those prominent ones like Amazon, Google, Netflix, Facebook or Microsoft (including…

What it takes to be a well-rounded architect by Pat Kua

Who is an end-to-end software engineer?

The end-to-end software engineer is a software engineer who can take an idea and make a successful business out of it. From the definition, it is clear that it is not for everybody and many people will have some specializations and gaps in skills. And it is normal.


The more well-rounded end to end engineer you are the easier to make a living by:

  • making your own company/product/business
  • joining a small company that values and needs generalists
  • be a consultant that strives in the intersection of particular areas
  • emphasize with and understand much better your colleagues, so that you can…

Problem: I want to run Jest tests on CircleCI. I have got many tests and I am on the free tier of CircleCI. Why is it a problem? Because Jest runs tests in parallel and I got “Out of memory” from CircleCI.

Solution: Add maxWorkers parameter to Jest.

-- --maxWorkers=4

Bonus #1: To get code coverage report from Jest

-- --coverage

Bonus #2: To fail Jest run when the first test fails

-- --bail

Bonus #3: To flush AWS Gateway API authorizer

aws apigateway flush-stage-authorizers-cache --rest-api-id ${apiId} --stage-name ${stage}

Retrospectives are important because you want to improve

TL;DR; Here I compiled a list of possible retrospectives improvements. I challenge you to share your experience in the comments. OK. The list is a bit bigger than 42. Enjoy this 57 retrospective improvements.

A retrospective is a meeting to improve processes in your team. It should happen in any team, not only software development team using Scrum. Embrace it!

Here are things you and your team could use to improve retrospectives:
1. Prepare and plan well (data, place, team)
2. Get the correct people in. It is beneficial if everybody in the team attends it, but it may not always happen.

When given a choice, take both!

Let me introduce myself briefly. I am Leo and I have been developing software for around 14 years. My days look pretty similar to each other as well as to the days of other software engineers.
However, a few months ago, I started developing some small Chatbots and automation to help do things faster and more effectively.

Do it by the book, but be the author

My old friend, CEO of a small DevOps company, challenged me to envision and develop the best way to power up an organization with ChatOps.

The challenge was accepted. I knew what continuous delivery is, and how to make a bot. What I…

Leo Kyrpychenko

Building the future, team visibility advocate

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